Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be of South Asian descent to be a part of Delta Phi Omega?

No! While Delta Phi Omega is a South Asian interest organization, membership is open to women of all backgrounds. We have sisters of all races and ethnicities, and encourage any woman looking for a genuine sisterhood to apply.


Q: What is the difference between joining Delta Phi Omega and other cultural organizations?

Delta Phi Omega can provide you with all of the opportunities from other organizations through one central venue. As a social, cultural, and community service based sorority, we value every aspect of university life. We offer countless opportunities for growth and leadership and to build relationships for LIFE. Membership in Delta Phi Omega does not end when you graduate - we strongly believe that sisterhood is a journey beyond college.


Q: What alumnae connections can I expect to make?

The role of the alumnae as advisors or International Greek officers is substantial within our sorority. Lifetime friendships expand beyond individual chapters to include all members of the national and international Greek life community. Alumnae organizations help students network for potential employment opportunities after graduation, and keep in touch through newsletters, correspondence, meetings, and special alumni events. Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. has alumni connections at various locations globally. We have sisters nationwide that have excelled in many fields of professional life. This allows for great opportunities for networking post-undergrad, and for a lifetime of togetherness with sisters.


Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Many sororities follow the guidelines set by their national organizations when deciding to offer invitations and bids. It is also important to note that very few grade exceptions are made by each chapter or colony. For Rho Chapter, we wish for all women interested in joining to have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA. All women must also be enrolled as full-timed students. Please contact the chapter president, Lauren Nichols, with any questions at


Q: What is Delta Phi Omega's policy on alcohol and hazing?

Hazing is defined as any action taken which produces bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, or ridicule. DPO has a strict NO HAZING policy and has no history of hazing incidents. Delta Phi Omega also has a very strict alcohol and substance use policy. We do not tolerate alcohol being consumed by any of our sisters at Delta Phi Omega events or programs, or while representing our organization. Individuals who are not twenty-one years old are banned from drinking because it is against the law, and we hold every sister accountable for her actions at all events.


Q: How expensive is it to join Delta Phi Omega?

Not expensive! Dues are $150 a semester to cover the costs of national expenses, insurance, and hosting events. We rely heavily on fundraising to cover other expenses and to raise funds for our various charities.


Q: What happens during the pledging process?

Delta Phi Omega's intake (or pledging) is referred to as the new member education process. During this time women interested in joining our sorority will learn the history and foundation of the organization, about themselves, and how to become a sister of Rho Chapter. 


Q: What are the Membership Expectations for Delta Phi Omega?

As a sister of Delta Phi Omega, one must uphold our pillars, represent the organization in a positive manner, and demonstrate a dedication to the organization. Initiated sisters are required to pay about $150 for dues, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, complete at least 15 service hours, and attend our social, academic, and sisterhood events. Sisters are fully involved within every aspect of our sorority, and aspire to maintain and strengthen our sisterhood.