Our Story



     Delta Phi Omega at the University of Alabama at Birmingham was founded by five passionate and dedicated women on January 8, 2011. Our Enlightened Founding Mothers, Ashmi Patel, Dhara Shah, Sridhi Patel, Neelam Desai, and Sarjana Patel, sought to establish a community and safe space for underrepresented students at UAB. These women finally saw their dreams become a reality as they created the first multicultural Greek organization in Alabama. As founding members of the UAB Multicultural Greek Council, we strive to promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance on campus.



     The Enlightened Founding Mother Class of Rho Chapter would like to recognize their Recruitment Team for their continuous love and support for helping set the foundations of our chapter.

Dean Keya “'Vintage'” Patel, University of Georgia - Omicron Chapter

ADP Pranvi “'Vogue”' Parekh, University of Tennessee - Xi Chapter

Pledge Mom Smitha '“Cipher'” Pidikiti, University of Georgia, Omicron Chapter



     Delta Phi Omega is the STRONGEST, LARGEST, and FASTEST-GROWING South Asian based sorority in the nation. With 52 establishments across the country in only 19 years, we're always striving for greatness. Our chapter has grown from 5 to 67 sisters in six years, molding the most passionate and fearless women in our community into Destined women.



     Rho Chapter prides itself in the individual and group accomplishments that have made the sisters of our chapter so successful. Anywhere you go on campus, you'll see a DPO sister. Don't recognize her? She's your TA, a Trailblazer, an Ambassador, a SI leader, a campus employee, a student researcher, and a leader in any organization you can think of.

We aren't great because of our letters: our letters are great because of the women standing behind them.


     Our chapter has recently won the following university awards at UAB and National awards that are awarded at the annual National Conference:

Multicultural Greek Council Chapter of Excellence

*Recognition for ALL Pillars of Excellence

Multicultural Greek Council Woman of the Year - Mishka Naiker

National Website of the Year 2017

Highest Chapter GPA Nationwide 2017

Vice President of the Year - Shambhavi Anshumali

National Sisterhood Chair of the Year - Vivian Nguyen

National Sister of the Year - Angela Weng

National Highest GPA Award - Sunya Reddy

National Chapter of the Year 2018 

National Fundraising Award 2018